Monday, March 5, 2012


By Stephen Carter

HENDERSON, NV—The Henderson 17th Ward was recently blessed with a new family, the Ono's, whose young son still trails the glory that attended him on his journey from pre-mortal life to earthly existence.

Four-year-old Eric astounded the entire ward when his family first entered the chapel.

"There was a palpable change in the air," reports Rita Ferris, ward librarian. "The entire congregation turned around to see what had happened."

As the Ono's walked up the aisle to an empty pew, "It became evident that that there was something special about little Eric," remembers Frank Hollowell, second councilor in the bishopric. "I could see literal clouds emanating from his backside, reminding me of that great poem that I believe President Thomas S. Monson penned, "Trailing clouds of glory do we come / From God, who is our home."

"I think the Williams, who were sitting behind them, were quite overcome by Eric's glory," Hollowell remarked. "Tears were streaming from their eyes the entire meeting."

Fae Rathbone, a Sunbeam teacher, remembers Eric's first day in class as her "most spiritual, ever. Even the lesson was testimony building," she recalls. "I did have keep the room well ventilated, though."

The Ono's maintain a remarkable humility about their miraculous child, informing the curious that "he'll grow out of it."

"And hopefully soon," sighs his mother, Yvonne. "I am so tired of all the hysterical weeping at play dates—from the mothers."

On the bright side, Yvonne admits that she has no problem finding Eric when he wanders off in crowded places, "I just follow the contrail and the testimony bearing," she explains.

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