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If you would like to contribute to the Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer, please send your submissions to motabenquirer at gmail dot com.  We will read them, pray, ponder, and ask with a sincere heart if they are true, and get back to you.

The Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer is always looking for help.  If you would like to:
  • Send pictures of bishoprics sleeping,
  • Offer news ideas,
  • Reprint an article in your ward newsletter or Ensign article,
  • Discuss the overlap between this blog's satirical approach and Hogarth's paintings, Daumier's prints, Don Quixote, Horatian or Juvenalian satires, or Dr. Strangelove
  • Post pictures of belly button lint that looks like past church leaders,
  • Print salamander, gila monster, or gecko letters, or
  • Have us testify at your church disciplinary court,
then email us at motabenquirer at gmail dot com.

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