This blog is based on the premise that, as in many homes, if you are not teased, you are not loved.  Those who create content for this blog love the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the culture around that church. They love them like family--warts and all.  Mormon satire here is not meant to be mean-spirited or destructive. It is meant as a way to laugh at Mormonism and ourselves as we try, as best we can, to live the gospel.

Comment policies

Huge nod to Times & Seasons and Modern Mormon Men for extensive borrowing of their comment policies. Don't consider this an exclusive list until we've thought of everything. We'll let you know when that happens.

1. Comments are expected to reflect different points of view. Be careful that critiques, if any, are of the argument or position, not the person. No insults please.

2. In general, Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer is a site for all types of mormons (irons rods*, liahonas*, various stages of activity), or for non-mormons who are willing to respect the values of the mormon church. Comments that suggest one or more of the groups mentioned above is unintelligent or uninformed are not welcome.

3. Like our posts, comments are expected to be intelligible. Keep acronyms to a minimum, proofread and spell check.

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6. These policies will be enforced. Enforcement could include any or all of the following - deleting comments, warning offenders and banning IP addresses.

7. These policies may be added to or modified at our discretion.

* What the Church Means to People Like Me, Richard Poll, August 1967

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