Monday, June 22, 2015


Thank Heaven Only One is Mormon!
Commentary by Linda Hollingsworth

Politics is back, and even though the presidential election is not for another year and a half, I believe that for the next 18 months I will thank God every day that Donald Trump isn’t a Mormon.

With Trump’s recent campaign announcement speech came all of the reminders about the last election. And I’ll just admit it—it was stressful for me having a Mormon run for president. We all know that not all of the attention that the church got from Romney’s campaign was positive. That said, at least Romney is not a stark raving idiot who believed he could get Mexico to build some huge border wall!

Romney’s campaign created some difficult conversations before the last election. I actually had a 30 minute conversation about if Mormons had strict smiling and hair standards. Thanks Romney. But at least Romney didn’t sport that pathetic comb over or whatever else Trump has on his lopsided skull!

I was glad when the last election was over—it was fatiguing. I’m sure that this next election will be tiresome, but one huge blessing is the guy who bragged about his net worth and flippantly claimed he could beat both China and ISIS isn’t a Mormon. I know that the “gospel net catches all kinds,” but I’m glad it has never caught him!


  1. I find this reprehensible. Why do we think it is funny to attack individuals we have never met? Does this author personally know Donald Trump? Sorry, but this really bothers me. It bothers me when idiots attack President Omaba. It bothers me when idiots attack Mitt Romney. It bothers me when idiots attack anyone. The author does not stop with attacking his hair, shape of his head, intelligence, or history, no she then goes way too far saying she is glad he is not a Mormon? Are you kidding me? That's not the church I belong to. If we really believe this is the restored Gospel of the Savior do we not want to include everyone? This article is muck-raking at its worst.

  2. I realize my above comment comes across very harsh. I like this blog and enjoy reading most of the stuff on it. Appropriate humor is fabulous and necessary for a balanced and full life. I am okay with poking fun of our own Mormon culture and all contained there in. If done correctly it can be very funny indeed. However, it is easy to cross that line into inappropriate humor which usually always makes fun or denigrates someone else. As members of the Church I think we can be better. We must be better. Let's keep our wits about us.

  3. i am also thinking about that question.

  4. Wow! What a difference five years makes.