Monday, June 2, 2014


ALLENTOWN, PA—The dramatic turnaround in Jen Curry’s 8 year marriage has allowed her to nearly stop blogging entirely. What used to occupy as much as 35 hours each week has dwindled down to a mere 2-3 hours, as Jen and her husband Mike have rekindled a loving flame that had diminished to mere embers.

The Curry’s dramatic marital turnaround began when Jen’s sister told her about her imminent divorce. What seems to have been most disconcerting for Jen was that her sister’s marriage was not ending because of abuse, excessive fighting, money problems, infidelity, or other dramatic shifts. Instead, Jen noted that “my sister and her husband just grew so far apart that they could no longer even really communicate, and soon there was nothing left to their relationship.”

In response to her sister’s divorce, Jen noted that “I realized that writing for three blogs, keeping up with and commenting frequently on several others as well as being on Facebook and other social media was starting to take the place of what I was missing in my marriage.” 

Jen spoke with Mike about this, and both agreed to seek counseling and set a regular date night. “At first it was difficult,” reported Jen. “It was awkward and sometimes painful, and when that happened, you know, I just wanted to escape of into Pinterest.” But Jen and Mike stuck with it, and Jen soon found that her interest in social media waned as her marriage strengthened.

“Now,” commented Jen, “instead of replying to every post about modesty or home schooling or couponing, I try to think of some ways that Mike and I could connect and enjoy time together.” 

For his part, Mike reported that he has not made any changes. “I don’t do the whole blog thing, and I think it has been 7 months since I was on Facebook.” But Mike did admit that this year he is managing only 2 fantasy football teams. In contrast, last year Mike had 11 fantasy football teams, managed 4 different leagues, and could name the top 30 running backs faster than he could identify his wife’s church calling.  

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