Monday, December 31, 2012


By Clyde Ward

Boca Raton, FL—President Donald Gibbons has apologized for the prank that he pulled by using disappearing ink on several temple recommends.  The ink that President Gibbons used was made to disappear after 24 hours, causing embarrassment when temple patrons arrived with blank recommends.

In his written apology, President Gibbons explained that “he thought that they would not use their recommends until (their son) Elder Williams took out his endowments in two weeks” at which time the Stake President would “vouch for the members at the temple.”  As it turned out, Elder Williams’s parents went to the temple two days before, only to be turned away because their recommends appeared to be blank.

When asked about the incident, Brother Williams said “I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was really worried.”  Part of Brother Williams’s anxiety came because President Gibbons had told a long story about ink disappearing from the recommends of the unworthy.  “So when I got there,” continued Brother Williams, “I was sure that the Lord was holding me accountable for all the extra breath mints I was popping last fast Sunday.” 

Brother and Sister Williams were very relieved to know that it was just a prank, though both noted that the ride home from the Orlando temple was very tense.  Sister Williams reportedly asked if perhaps it was not because Brother Williams had “lingered to long over the bra and panties pictures in the Sunday JCPenney ads.”  For his part, Brother Williams accused his wife of “adding a shot of caffeinated Diet Coke to her Sprite” when they were at Taco Bell the previous Saturday. 

After a heartfelt talk, both agreed to be more exact in their obedience, but concluded that the Lord may have been punishing both of them for knowingly allowing their son mislabel the inappropriate music on his Ipod as “Janice Kapp Perry.”  


  1. Hahahaha... On Sunday, I used to have my mom listen to songs from right in the middle where there was a slow mellow part. When she said it was ok it silenced my conscience.