Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Commentary by Blaine Reid
You can almost feel the evil hidden behind that smile!

Let’s face it, we Mormons have gotten lazy! What happened to the good-old days when we vehemently spoke out against the evils of tattoos, men with beards and no socks, and how communism was poised to drag us all to hell? If we are truly to be God’s light upon a hill, we must more actively point the spotlight on the chests of those who would distract us from the Truth. And that light should burn a holy letter of scarlet upon the iniquitous!

In the face of our complacency, God has given a sort of new, prophet-like voice: Scott D. Pierce. Mr. Pierce (who we only hope is also Brother Pierce!) has shown us again how to really shame those who might pervert God’s true path. Sure, Mr. Pierce does it about a Mormon author, but that Mormon guy doesn’t even live in Utah, so how “Mormon” could he really be? 

And Mr. Pierce knows that putting the shameful elements right at the front will set the fires of rage and shame going, reminding us of the holy anger we should feel. Mr. Pierce wisely uses a quote to prove that the subject of our public shaming is worthy of our ridicule. Of course the quote is from eight years ago, but we all know that those ideas must be eternal and unchanging for one speaking such evil! Of course our views would never change over such a key issue, even in eight years. We all always choose the right ideas!

Mr. Pierce reminds us Mormons to get back to our roots—our powerful desire to shame those who see things in an evil, perverted way. He uses wonderful quotes from others to show how all good and wise people will shun such an evil influence. Mr. Pierce wakes us from our sleep of complacency to remind us that if you don’t believe the right ways, then everything you do or would do is inevitably tainted, perverted, and twisted, if not downright evil. 

We stand all amazed, Mr. Pierce, at your sterling example of how we can use shaming to make Mormonism great again!

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