Thursday, April 30, 2015


Virtual Sacrament Now App
Salt Lake City, UT—Hot on the heels of Salt Lake’s announcement about online tithing and donation payment options comes word that the Church will soon be making the sacrament virtually available as well.

The Church posted on its website that “The Online Sacrament system will allow members in the United States an additional method of worship.” The website continues that “historically, the sacrament has only been available to those attending on Sunday, but for those who are sick or need additional time to set fantasy football lineups, they may participate through the online system developed by the Church.”

Additionally the Church announced that a new smartphone and tablet app will also be used to make the sacrament available to more saints. As the site explains, “The new app, Virtual Sacrament Now, will allow Aaronic priesthood members to bless and send the sacrament straight to smartphones or tablets, an option that is perfect for women in the mother’s lounge or parents wrestling with demonically-possessed children in the foyer.” The Church announced that gluten-free virtual options will also be available.

As an added precaution, the Church has beefed up security on the Online Sacrament system and the Virtual Sacrament Now app, concerned that “factions from OrdainWomen might try to hack the systems and bless and pass the sacrament themselves.”

Thanks for Chris Cobb's help with this important news item!

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