Monday, February 17, 2014


Domestic and unapostolic example
of a "heart attack"
SALT LAKE CITY, UT—In what Elder Nelson described as “totes awesome,” the other eleven apostles “heart attacked” his office door as a Valentine’s day surprise. The “heart attack” consisted of heart-shaped pieces of paper taped to the door with notes of love and encouragement.

“We really wanted to just tell Russell how much we love and appreciate all that he does,” said Elder Andersen. “He has been so great since I got here, you know, like showing me around and helping me feel like part of the group.”  Elder Andersen added, “you know it can be hard when you join a new group, you know, since they already have their friends that they do things with and some already have matching ties and stuff.”

Reports from the church office building indicate that the pink, red, and white hearts that covered Elder Nelson’s door included messages like “Awesome Conference Talks” and “Cute Hair” as well as traditional favorites like “U R Great!” 

“We had some debate about what we would do this year, you know, to really tell someone from the group how much we just love him,” said Elder Oaks. “Elder Ballard wanted to ‘teepee’ his office.”  (“Teepeeing” an office is when you fill the interior walls with notes of love and encouragement shaped like stereotypical Native American, mobile, triangular dwellings.)  Elder Oaks continued, “I told Elder Ballard that that didn’t sound like a good idea, since we did that many years ago to Elder George P. Lee’s office, and let’s just say it didn’t turn out good.”

There were other suggestions that were similarly passed on.  “Elder Packer thought it would be hilarious to try to attach actual human hearts to (the cardiologist’s) door,” reported Elder Holland.  “And he would have figured out a way to do it too,” elaborated Elder Holland, finally adding, “that Boyd is just such a kidder!”