Monday, July 29, 2013


GAHENNA—Sources inside Satan’s Kingdom indicate that he may be trying to develop Spirit-cancelling headphones. Those sources report that Hell’s technology wing, Siren Systems, is working on headphones that will block the gentle whisperings of the Holy Ghost so that missionaries will not “stop at one last place,” home teachers will not “give that family a call,” and Relief Society teachers will not “rethink the centerpiece and handouts.” The same unnamed sources indicate that this will go a long way in preventing the sort of “spontaneous and inspired acts” that so often foil carefully laid demonic plans.

Reports outline how Siren Systems, an acronym meaning “Satanic Inspiration-Removal Electronic Nanotechnologies” is also developing noise-generating headphones that will serve the same function. Leaked emails (“e” not for “electronic” but for “evil”) describe the noise-generating headphones as “providing victims with a long list of things to do, past sins, present shortcomings, reasons why a spouse is evil, or vuvuzela trio concertos” that prevent people from hearing the still, small voice. The email explains that “the sounds of busyness can be just as useful as heavy metal music in keeping people from hearing God.”

Though the product has a number, the MTE-666, the name has not been finalized, though some want to call them “Beats by Dread.”

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