Thursday, June 7, 2012

POINT/COUNTERPOINT: The Upcoming Presidential Election


This upcoming election poses some real dilemmas for me.

By Marianne Reese, Homemaker, Plymouth Ward, Plymouth MN 

This upcoming election poses some real dilemmas for me. While I may feel more comfortable with elements of Romney’s social agenda, I don’t want to vote with all of the newly energized homophobes who are suddenly converted to Mitt’s form of Christianity. I’m not excited about Obama’s approach to the rising healthcare dilemma, but, let’s be honest, his policies sound much closer to King Benjamin’s ideas than the GOP’s Korihor approach of “every man (sic) prospers according to his (sic) genius.” Behind that is the concern that maybe I still have racist hangups, and that is why I feel more comfortable with the LDS default: a white man as leader.

Of course this could all be for naught. If the Greeks get out of the EU, and if their departure triggers cascading bankruptcies which spill over into Spain, Portugal, and Italy, and if that causes anything like panic in global financial markets, then that economic chaos will surely gift the election to Romney no matter what I determine. Still, in any case, as a citizen and member of the Church, it is my duty to thoughtfully and prayerfully come to a decision as to who I will vote for.  


I'm totally voting for Romney 

By Ted Harper, American Fork 45th Ward, American Fork, UT 

He’s Mormon!

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