Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What are over-30-year-old LDS singles doing to attract an eternal companion?

Building altar to Lex de Azevedo.

Emphasizing sweet spirit; bank account.

Being content if a date can trace ancestry back only to Charlemagne instead of Adam and Eve.

Removing burka.

Holding off on committing date to read And They Were Not Ashamed until second date.

Advertising during General Conference.

Picking up date in Econoline van.

Reconsidering stance on polyandry.

Receiving extra endowments from plastic surgeon.

Using mail order to convert Russian women to the Church.

Uncovering any pair of feet available.

Avoiding rashes as a conversation starter.

Changing Facebook status to "So tired of dating hot guys with huge earning potential. Ready to try something new!"

Keep praying they'll install Sprite-and-Fanta bars in temple lobbies.

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