Thursday, March 15, 2012

Legendary "Wandering Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Night Reminder Sign" Sighted

An alleged photograph of the legendary "Wandering Sign."
By Stephen Carter

BOISE, ID—It was a cloudy afternoon in a Boise suburb; the scent of an impending rainstorm hung in the air. A dog barked in the distance. An aluminum gate creaked. And the legendary Wandering Home, Family and Personal Enrichment Reminder Sign manifested itself.

Once Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Night reminder signs abounded, keeping local Saints abreast of the week's activities and giving hope to the chronically unorganized. But they have since disappeared almost entirely—their only remnant, the mysterious "Wandering Sign."

The Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer was unable to find the eye witness of the Boise sighting, but we were able to speak to Gary Turnbull, whose friend has a cousin in the witness's ward.

"So this guy's helping his home teaching family install their new home theater sound system," Turnbull relates. "He goes out to his truck to get a spool of speaker wire, and there it is—stuck in the lawn of the house across the street."

The witness was so excited that he ran back into his home teaching family's house to tell them about the sign.

"But when they got back outside . . . It was gone!" Turnbull says.

The story of the Boise sighting follows the main lines of other reported sightings across the United States and Canada, including a message being delivered by the sign.

Turnbull testifies that the sign bore a single phrase, one that still resounds in his soul.

"Food Storage."

The Wandering Sign has reportedly born other prophetic messages such as, "Redeeming the Dead," "Chieko Okazaki Book Night," and "Create Your Own Floral Arrangements."

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