Tuesday, March 20, 2012


By Barley B. Bratt
PROVO, UT—In response to Ben & Jerry's gay-themed "Apple-y Ever After" ice cream, the BYU Creamery has just released its own "Apple and Eve, Not Apple and Steve" flavor. The apple crumble ice cream includes extremely straight-cut apple strips and is housed in a carton showing a very stern Adam, Eve, God, and Satan. All rainbows have been expunged from the garden background.
This isn't the the first time the BYU Creamery has used its considerable power to advocate against same-sex marriage. When Ben & Jerry's renamed "Chubby Hubby" to "Hubby Hubby," the BYU Creamery renamed its marriage-themed ice cream "For Time and All Etern-Nutty" to what they considered a "truth in advertising" name, calling it simply "Really Long Rocky Road."
The Creamery, which has often used the tag-line, "So good, you'll feel guilty—but it's not sinful, merely transgressive," caused considerable stir several years ago when it marketed flavors to newly married students, including "Wild Cherry Catastrophe," "Rabbit Hutch Raspberry,' and "Preg-Mint," as well as one for newly engaged couples called "Can Elope."

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